Artist Statement
For me, photography is an art form, which allows me to express myself with the only limits being the ones in which I create.  I want my work to provide a lasting impression, that I hope stimulates and excites the onlooker. 
My vision for my images is to present a careful balance between capturing the natural beauty and behavior of my subjects, while also using digital enhancement to bring out the vibrant colors and details of the subject matter.
By using advanced digital manipulation techniques to create the images it makes the work more personal and expressive and highlights the strength, power, grace, and regal appearance of my subjects. 
Artist Bio
Kelley is a fine art photographer with her primary focus being nature and wildlife photography.
Kelley has been exploring digital photography for many years. It became a passion of hers when her father-in-law first introduced her to the wonderful world of photography. She knew as soon as she picked up a camera that it would afford her the opportunity to capture a precise vision to share with others.
She has exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions, and has received many honors, awards, and recognition, including Best of Show in 2018 & 2019 in the New York State Fair photography competition.
Kelley is based in the Syracuse, New York area where she resides with her husband. 

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